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Air-In-Line Sensors (Bubble Detectors)

Morgan Electro Ceramics’ ultrasonic air-in-line sensors and ultrasonic bubble detectors (also known as ultrasonic bubble sensors) offer very high reliability for the detection of air bubbles in liquid flows in medical dosing applications.

Bubble Detection

ultrasonic air-in-line sensors

Our design expertise and manufacturing capability in this highly specialised sector allows development of high specification products to meet the tight tolerances of our medical OEM customers.

We can supply sensors and systems for applications including volumetric infusion pumps, hemodialysis machines, blood collection and component separation instruments and cardio-pulmonary bypass systems.

ultrasonic bubble detection

Our ultrasonic air-in-line sensors and ultrasonic bubble detectors can be designed to suit a variety of plastic tubing, as commonly used in medical equipment. The quality of our designs and the high performance of our piezo materials mean that bubble sizes down to four microlitres in volume or just two millimetres in diameter, can be detected.

Integrated Air in line Sensors

Ultrasonic air-in-line sensors and ultrasonic bubble detectors are available on their own or complete with integrated control electronics and / or additional integrated sensors. For example, the air-in-line sensor can be combined with optical sensors to detect that the housing is correctly closed, for fail-safe operation.

See also Level Measurement Sensors or Flow Measurement.

Standard Air In Line Sensors

MTC ElectroCeramics has designed a standard air in line sensor to suit a variety of applications.

Model No: 09168/000
This bubble detector is suitable for a 4mm tube. The housing geometry has been designed to minimize the foot print with a short flexi circuit for easy connection via a standard ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connector (6 pin 0.5mm pitch). Upon request this sensor can be customised to suit specific requirements. The sensor can be mounted in any orientation and is designed to be dry coupled to PVC or silicon tubing.

09168/000 Technical Specification

Nominal resonant frequency


Receive signal (ref. operating voltage)


3dB Bandwidth


Wet/dry signal ratio


Tubing outer diameter


Operating voltage

1 to 5Vrms

Operating temperature

0ºC to 60ºC

Storage temperature

-30ºC to 80ºC

Smallest detectable bubble



ABS/PC Plastic

* Values determined using silicone tubing
** Dependent on electronics/software design

Sensors are usually supplied without electronics to enable electronics to be incorporated within main board of the particular medical equipment that is being manufactured by our customers. However, upon request MTC Electro Ceramics can provide a quotation for development and manufacture.

For more information, or to discuss your application with a Morgan Electro Ceramics’ engineer, please contact us.


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